The SDH began in 2016 as a project by the Alternative Energy Enterprise with the goal of retrofitting a 1950s house owned by the University into a net-zero energy, zero-waste house. Since then, the house has been equipped with a 8.6 kWh solar array, two composting systems, aquaponics, hydroponics, a rain barrel, energy-efficient appliances, low-flow faucets, LED lights, and a bee hive. In addition, the tenants of the house strive to educate the community on sustainability through open houses, workshops, tours, the Waste Reduction Drive, and many other initiatives.

Upcoming Events!

October 1st, 9-12am

Open House
October 8th, 9-12am

Open House
November 4th

Past 2022 Events

Earth Day Dinner
April 22nd 4-7pm

Waste Reduction Drive
April 16th 9am-3pm

Sustainable Workshop
March 26th 9am - 12pm

Adopt a Plant
March 21st

Open House
March 19th 3-5pm

End of Academic year / Graduation
April 30th
Congratulations to Chris Norton and Kassidy O' Connor on graduating!

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